Amines & Plasticizers Limited
AN ISO-9001-2015, ISO-14001-2015 & ISO-45001-2018 CERTIFIED COMPANY CIN Number L24229AS1973PLC001446

Quality, Safety, Health & Environment

Quality Policy

Our goal at APL is Interested Party’s total satisfaction. We will strive to deliver competitive and Quality Products and services, on time to meet our Interested Party’s Expectations and to comply with applicable Compliance Obligations and Requirements.

In order to increase our Customer’s competitiveness, we will continuously strive to improve our system, Train to upgrade Competency of our Employees and move APL’s Long Term Business Plans forward by continual improvement, innovation, optimum utilization of resources and by considering context of the Organisation.

Amines & Plasticizers will focus on the following:

  • Continual growth in business over previous year.
  • Development of Quality products, new technologies to keep pace with the trend of globalization.
  • Maintenance of safe and healthy work environment in all its plants and offices.
  • Optimum utilization of physical, material & technological resources.

Safety Health & Environment Policy

APL is committed to promote highest level of safety in all areas of its working with clear emphasis on prevention of pollution, protection and improving the environment including sustainable resource use. The safety and health of personnel and clean environment at work place are of paramount importance to the company and all these attributes are embedded within the organizational value of the company.

APL is committed to:

  • Design, construct, operate and maintain its facilities as per the best practices available to ensure safety of Persons working under the control of Organisation, Public, Environment and Plant Equipment.
  • Comply with compliance obligations on safety, health and environment and any other specific commitments relevant to the Context of the Organisation.
  • Impart training to its stakeholders for safe operation of its facilities, protecting environment and quick response during emergency.
  • Promote eco-friendly activities and conserve natural resources.
  • Delegate powers to employees to implement the company's policy on safety, health and environment.
  • To prevent ill health and injury. Continual improvement to enhance Environmental (EMS) and OH&S Performance.