Amines & Plasticizers Limited
AN ISO-9001-2015, ISO-14001-2015 & ISO-45001-2018 CERTIFIED COMPANY CIN Number L24229AS1973PLC001446

Gas Treating Products & Technologies

Amines & Plasticizers Ltd. [APL] has been active in gas treating with manufacture and supply of Amines for over 35 years. APL is an ISO-9001:2015, ISO-14001-2015 & ISO-45001-2018 Certified Company. The business specializes in the use Methyl Diethanolamine [MDEA] & Methyl Diethanolamine based amine solvents in gas treating. APL also provides technical services to support the customers using these solvents. Our customers include refineries, natural gas, ammonia plants, steel plants and chemical manufacturing facilities. Our goal is to create more efficient, versatile, and cost effective gas treating systems for our customers. More than 70 Treating Units all over the world using APL’s MDEA and MDEA Based Specialty Solvents.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in Navi Mumbai, near Mumbai on the western coast of India.We are logistically better placed since the port is nearby.

We have following range of products to cater to various customer needs.

Generic Amines

MDEA Based Specialty Amines



We have been successful in replacing many of the Acid Gas Treating Units with our Solvents because of various advantages.

APL’s MDEA based specialty solvents have been very successful in replacing the products of various competitors for following reasons:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Prompt & Regular Product Supply
  • Product Quality
  • Product Compatibility
  • Simulation & Analytical Service Support
  • Better Logistics
  • Running Conversions
  • Full conversions, take back the used amines
  • Performance Guarantees for specialty solvent for full conversion

We also manufacture specialty formulated MDEA based Solvents which are tailored made as per customer’s requirements.

The APL solvents serve the following market segments:

  • Natural Gas Treatment
  • COS Removal
  • Acid Gas Enrichment (AGR)
  • Refineries Primary Amine Units
  • Refineries Tail Gas Units
  • Ammonia Units
  • Gasifier Off Gases
  • Land Fill Gas/Bio Gas
  • Iron Ore Reduction
  • Flue Gas & CCS
  • SO2 Removal

We normally provide the Amine Unit Process Evaluation questionnaire (AUPE) to the clients asking for basic information on gas analysis, flow rates and other operating parameters which is used for our simulations. The process configuration for any gas treating plant generally consists of an Absorber/Lean-Rich Exchanger/Amine Cooler/Regenerator /Condenser /Pumps etc. A simplified PFD will be provided showing the above equipment, stream numbers and the energy/material balance.

APL manufactures skid mounted amine purification units for the removal of HSAS generated in amine units. These units are available for purchase and lease.